About Michelle Richmond

Michelle RichmondWith a background in Mind Body Medicine, Michelle is a Change Agent who works with people to create a sustainable impact on their lives. Whether it be the sick, the poverty stricken or the CEO she embodies an empathy that makes it safe for people to open their hearts to aspects of themselves they didn’t know existed, finding the inner strength to heal and live vital lives.

After many years of working with people with cancer she identified a common theme in people who healed to live a better quality of life. These people learned to be authentic, love themselves, to live from the heart, to listen to their bodies and to most importantly live their passion, an insight that inspired her to change her focus from curative to disease prevention – to become an agent of fundamental change and inspire others to do the same.

She is a woman who walks her talk.

She trained with the world’s leading Mind-Body and Energy Psychology practitioners, presented in the 2011 movie You Can Heal Cancer NOW and authored “Talk Doesn’t Cook Rice”.

Her years of clinical experience have exposed her to understand that ‘our seemingly successful lives’ often spurn cracks that allow health and personal challenges to take hold. As a facilitator she knows the power of the Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body collective, and designs programs built on a self-care approach that places increased mastery of your life back in your hands, creating a renewed passion for life and a positive transformation in relationships, health and wellbeing.

Well known for cracking open her clients’ hearts before disease takes hold, Michelle’s simple yet profound teachings have guided people around the globe to bring about positive and long-lasting change into their lives. The bottom line: Michelle supports people to become unstuck, to get themselves and their life back on track. Many of her clients say: “Only go and see her if you really want to change!”

Michelle’s overarching intention is “to be surrounded by inspiring people, to be inspired and to inspire others to live and think outside the box. When you transform the way in which you understand and experience yourself, you can truly change the separation and disconnection within yourself, relationships, humanity and ecology.”

She now lives in Kenya and spreads seeds of change via online programs to her global audience but it’s the women and children of Kenya, the heart of Kenya’s future, that inspired her to initiate home grown projects for a sustainable community.