Educate A Child

When 17 children started Kindergarten in 2016 it highlighted the fact that in 10 year’s time we will have 17 children needing employment. With approximately 800,000 young Kenyans entering the labour market every year and youth unemployment estimated to be higher than 35%, ensuring a good education for the children is essential.

That is why your investment in the children’s future is received with so much gratitude and we trust that you will find it in your hearts to continue this sponsorship and loving support of the home.

It was with great kindness that the Holy Trinity Academy and the Foundation School in Kericho waived their normal entrance level marks so the children could attend. We are delighted to report the teacher employed by the MRF continues to support the children to catch up with their schooling and better their grades. Each term sees the children achieving improvement in their grades. with 3 of the students increasing the grades from below 100/500 in the entrance exam to the 400’s after first term.

Sustaining the long term education of a child is quite an undertaking, the education of one child inclusive of schooling, uniforms, books, pencils, back packs and transport per years is US$700.